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The vision and reality of pregnancy is a whirlwind for most people. Some couples try for years to conceive while for others it happens quickly. When it does happen it is a rollercoaster of excitement and happiness and then often time FEAR creeps in. The unknown, the hormones, the misconceptions. We forget that a woman’s body is designed for birth. That we have an innate ability to grow another human being and bring them into this world. A loss of trust in this ability is creating generations of scared moms and sick kids.

The MindPregnant Woman
A woman’s mood during pregnancy can impact birth outcomes and fetal brain development. Women who experience significant, persistent anxiety and fear are at a higher risk for premature labor. We commonly think about how what a woman eats will affect her child but what about how a woman feels? If mom is constantly filled with anxiety or stress as baby is developing in the womb then the message is communicated that they are in an unsafe environment. Baby’s brain will already be wired to perceive the environment they are born into as unsafe. They are more likely to be fussy, hard to soothe, impulsive, and short on attention. It is important for mom to feel supported, loved, safe and happy.

The Body
The physical aspect of pregnancy is equally as important as the emotional. Over the past few decades the mindset has changed. We stopped trusting our bodies and we now commonly interfere during pregnancy and delivery. A research study was published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Pediatrics in February 2014 which concluded that acetaminophen use during pregnancy can increase the risk of a child developing ADHD-like behaviors. Acetaminophen, such as over-the-counter Tylenol, is frequently recommended by doctors for pregnant women with pain. Pain can be present during pregnancy because the body is changing but that should be respected, controlled and treated with a safe option. Chiropractic care can be beneficial for pain relief but the benefits far exceed reducing symptoms. As an ICPA certified Webster practitioner, I use specific adjustments and a technique and equipment designed for pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments can balance the pelvis and allow the body to change without disrupting function. A balanced pelvis can help the child to be in an optimal position for delivery. It can help mom to be active throughout pregnancy which is extremely beneficial for body and soul.

And The Soul
Throughout my years as a chiropractor I have had the joy of helping moms and dads during their journey into parenthood. I encourage women to trust and respect the wisdom of their body and help them prepare by offering knowledge, support and of course quality chiropractic care. Be informed and be empowered.



Kristin W.

Dr. Brie is exceptional and really fills the need for chiropractic services for pregnant woman and infants. I have taken my infant son to her, as well as had adjustments myself while pregnant, and feel safe knowing that we are receiving tailored chiropractic care for our needs.

Megan R.

My husband got hurt his back and work and seeing Dr. Brie was the ONLY treatment that provided him relief. After his success I decided to take my athletic son to see Dr. Brie. Since seeing him he has improved greatly and is feeling fantastic. Naturally I decided it was my turn to give treatment I try. I saw Dr. Chad who provided me so much relief to my aching back muscles from every day use and lifting a little one constantly. It was easy to get an appointment and Heather at the front desk is friendly and easy to schedule with. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brie and Dr. Chad whether it be for an injury or just wellness care. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!

Danielle M.

I love Live Well! I had a headache everyday before I met Dr. Brie! I love their new location it’s homey yet professional, a nice environment. Not that I have children but, it is nice they have a child’s room for them to play. Dr. Brie truly cares about her patients and you’ll see her behind the counter scheduling and taking payments, it’s a true team effort there! I have never had any issues and really feel like more than “just a patient”. I recommend to any and everyone!

Kate E.

I started seeing Dr. Brie for preventive chiropractic care several years ago. I met her at my office when she came in as part of a staff wellness day and she was kind enough to gently point out how much I needed her help (aka, how crooked and tight I was through my neck and spine). Though skeptical, I committed to a full evaluation, and I have been going regularly ever since. Dr. Brie has helped me tremendously with neck pain after a minor car accident, as well as my chronic low back pain. I can't thank her enough! Dr. Brie and Dr. Chad are both wonderful people and practitioners. They are always smiling, professional, and happy to help. I highly recommend them both and will continue to trust them with my care!

Kaitlyn C.

Dr. Brie came highly recommended by my prenatal providers at the beginning of my pregnancy and I saw her every week from 10 weeks on. This was my second pregnancy and without a doubt, the chiropractic care made a huge difference this time around. I was more comfortable, slept better, and overall felt healthier. I would also bring my 2 year old to all my appointments and I love how family friendly Dr. Brie and the whole staff is. They do such an amazing job at taking care of the whole family! When my daughter was born, she had a pretty rough colicky period. I started taking her for biweekly adjustments because she was literally a different baby after seeing Dr. Brie. Even other family members noticed the difference in her demeanor. I can't say enough about this practice. It's been a great experience and I love having chiro as apart of my regular health care!

Kelly S.

A great friend referred us to Dr. Chad. I was skeptical of taking my 15 year old son to a Chiropractor for knee issues, however he was facing sitting out the main season of Lacrosse (after being sidelined for the fall season) which would have been devastating to him. Dr. Chad does active release therapy and within a couple of sessions the pain was gone and he was running again!! This after 3 years of physical therapy, topical steroid treatments, rest periods, and a lot of missed opportunities. We've referred other young athletes to him and he has "fixed" them as well! I have become an unofficial spokesperson for Live Well - I can't recommend them enough!!!!

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