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Tips on what to do after you’re in a car accident:

Safety First- Make sure no one is injured. Call 911 to report any injuries. If it is a minor accident with no injuries, move the vehicles to the side of the road. With serious injuries or major damage, do not move the vehicles, even if you can, until the police arrive. If there is a question of liability (who caused the accident), leave the vehicles in place to help the police determine what happened. Only get out of the vehicles if you can stay clear of all traffic or are not injured. Otherwise, stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt. Put on your hazards, turn off your engines, and place flares.

Call the police- Occasionally, if the accident in minor and there are no injuries reported, the police will not respond to the scene. If this is the case, then you should file a accident report with your local police department as soon as possible.

Exchange information- Such as name, address, telephone number, insurance company, policy number, driver’s license number, license plate number, and the owner of the vehicle.

Locate witnesses- Get the name and contact information (telephone number and address) of anyone who saw the accident. Do this as quickly as possible, while people are stopped to see what happened. Ask them to stay to give a statement to the police officer. If they are in a rush, make sure to get their contact information.

Photograph and document the accident- Take photographs to document the damage to all the vehicles. Try to include the license plate numbers as well. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the surrounding area, such as street names and layout. It’s important to put all of the information you received at the scene into a comprehensive written document. Record everything you can remember: the road conditions, the weather, how the accident happened, and a diagram. This will help you file your claim.

File a claim- Call your insurance company to open a new claim. If you are injured, tell them that you will be seeking medical care for your injuries.

Seek medical care- If your injuries require immediate attention, then EMS should be called and they will assist you on site and most likely transport you to the hospital. If your injuries are not severe or do not show up for a few days, you can call you chiropractor, your PCP, or visit an urgent care center for an evaluation.

Find a trauma trained chiropractor- In determining the seriousness of your injuries, emergency room doctors and urgent care centers want to discover if you have any life threatening injuries or broken bones and if you do then they are the best to deal with these types of injuries. If you have any back or neck pain or sore muscles then a visit to a chiropractor is your best bet. Finding one that has extensive training in treating auto accident injuries is crucial, as they are very knowledgeable, experienced, and will be able to manage your case better. They will do a very thorough evaluation of your injuries and be able to order the proper imaging of your spine to determine any underlying issues, such as ligament damage, that often goes undiagnosed by ER doctors and urgent care centers. They will be able to properly diagnose, and treat your injuries. If another specialist is required to co-manage your case, they will be able to refer to one that they work with.

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Kristin W.

Dr. Brie is exceptional and really fills the need for chiropractic services for pregnant woman and infants. I have taken my infant son to her, as well as had adjustments myself while pregnant, and feel safe knowing that we are receiving tailored chiropractic care for our needs.

Megan R.

My husband got hurt his back and work and seeing Dr. Brie was the ONLY treatment that provided him relief. After his success I decided to take my athletic son to see Dr. Brie. Since seeing him he has improved greatly and is feeling fantastic. Naturally I decided it was my turn to give treatment I try. I saw Dr. Chad who provided me so much relief to my aching back muscles from every day use and lifting a little one constantly. It was easy to get an appointment and Heather at the front desk is friendly and easy to schedule with. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brie and Dr. Chad whether it be for an injury or just wellness care. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!

Danielle M.

I love Live Well! I had a headache everyday before I met Dr. Brie! I love their new location it’s homey yet professional, a nice environment. Not that I have children but, it is nice they have a child’s room for them to play. Dr. Brie truly cares about her patients and you’ll see her behind the counter scheduling and taking payments, it’s a true team effort there! I have never had any issues and really feel like more than “just a patient”. I recommend to any and everyone!

Kate E.

I started seeing Dr. Brie for preventive chiropractic care several years ago. I met her at my office when she came in as part of a staff wellness day and she was kind enough to gently point out how much I needed her help (aka, how crooked and tight I was through my neck and spine). Though skeptical, I committed to a full evaluation, and I have been going regularly ever since. Dr. Brie has helped me tremendously with neck pain after a minor car accident, as well as my chronic low back pain. I can't thank her enough! Dr. Brie and Dr. Chad are both wonderful people and practitioners. They are always smiling, professional, and happy to help. I highly recommend them both and will continue to trust them with my care!

Kaitlyn C.

Dr. Brie came highly recommended by my prenatal providers at the beginning of my pregnancy and I saw her every week from 10 weeks on. This was my second pregnancy and without a doubt, the chiropractic care made a huge difference this time around. I was more comfortable, slept better, and overall felt healthier. I would also bring my 2 year old to all my appointments and I love how family friendly Dr. Brie and the whole staff is. They do such an amazing job at taking care of the whole family! When my daughter was born, she had a pretty rough colicky period. I started taking her for biweekly adjustments because she was literally a different baby after seeing Dr. Brie. Even other family members noticed the difference in her demeanor. I can't say enough about this practice. It's been a great experience and I love having chiro as apart of my regular health care!

Kelly S.

A great friend referred us to Dr. Chad. I was skeptical of taking my 15 year old son to a Chiropractor for knee issues, however he was facing sitting out the main season of Lacrosse (after being sidelined for the fall season) which would have been devastating to him. Dr. Chad does active release therapy and within a couple of sessions the pain was gone and he was running again!! This after 3 years of physical therapy, topical steroid treatments, rest periods, and a lot of missed opportunities. We've referred other young athletes to him and he has "fixed" them as well! I have become an unofficial spokesperson for Live Well - I can't recommend them enough!!!!

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